Unless you arrived in America within your own lifetime, you are not an immigrant.  Unless your parents arrived in America within their own lifetimes, they were not immigrants either.    When the first settlers arrived on the North American continent, rightly or wrongly (different argument), they were not immigrants.  Because there was no nation or nations for them to enter, they were point-men and women in a migration, not immigrants.  It is time to abandon the false open-border narrative that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants.

Within the so-called “national discussion” about immigrants and refugees, the impossible concept of an immigrant nation serves, purposely, to neutralize, in the American psyche, the rights, privileges, protections, and distinctions of our unique republic.  The goal is to make living on U.S. soil equivalent to citizenship and shame genuine citizens of the greatest nation on Earth into erasing her borders.  It serves, by design, to dilute and demonize the idea of a powerful unified identity which, against all odds, learned to thrive in contrast to the rest of the world.

Out of 325.6 million residents in the United States, 18.7% (61 million) are immigrants, leaving 81.3% (264.6 million) native-born residents.  Of the 61 million immigrants, over one-quarter, 25.7% (15.7 million) are illegal aliens.  Over 500,000 immigrants have overstayed their visas, many of them fading into the woodwork.  Unless America reaches a condition in which first-time arrivals become the 81.3% instead of the 18.7%, the United States will not be a nation of immigrants.

As the Ninth Circuit Court has demonstrated with its blockage of President Trump’s travel pause, there are deep consequences to ideas, especially when personal ideas are weaponized to ignore the written text of federal statutes and the U.S. Constitution.  The fashionable idea of an immigrant nation, in reality, a borderless “nation”, has now even corrupted the federal judiciary.

The America-as-immigrants doctrine has the power to highjack the future of the nation by redefining one of God’s principle purposes for the government, national security.  It is providing trojans for aggression; external terrorism, internal political disorder and social disintegration of law and order.

When President Trump issued his executive order (EO) on immigration trying to protect U.S. Citizens from external aggression, the Left went nuts.  They instantly trojaned potential immigrants and refugees from the seven designated countries as victims of Islamophobia and Xenophobia.  Journalists on the Right noticed that the EO was specifically worded in terms of national security toward countries which were associated with terrorism and tagged by the Obama administration.

No matter.  Forget that ISIS is creating false passports, that it is almost impossible to vet populations coming from the president’s “victimized seven”, or that Barack Obama was the king of blocking immigrant populations – to the tune of 19 times.  Even the Ninth Circuit Court claimed that none of the seven cited countries had spawned any terrorists on American soil when, in point of fact, according to a June 2016 Senate report, there has been a total of at least 60 convictions of terrorist crimes on American soil by immigrants from those seven countries since 9/11.  In addition, the same report found that a total of 380 out of 580 persons convicted since 9/11 were foreign-born.

America-as-immigrants open borders are fertile ground for the political disorder as well.  The mutinous nature of sanctuary cities is obvious.  California’s own leader of its senate, Kevin de Leon, “outing” half his family as “eligible for deportation” should be a no-brainer as well.  A sitting state senator harboring fugitives with impunity is nothing if not the definition of political disorder.

But neither one of those situations is any more important than the sanctity of the vote.  If the vote cannot be protected, the nation is indeed in danger.  As it turns out, President Trump was not so crazy after all when he claimed the existence of significant voter fraud.  “An analysis by Federation for Immigration Reform found that anywhere 528,000 to 2.9 million non-citizens vote.  In 2014, after progressives tried to debunk the study an Old Dominion University study, the Journal of Electoral Studies debunked the debunkers when it found that progressives purposely used deeply flawed statistics from the “Catalyst” database, a go-to resource for progressives.”

Possibly the most blatant fallout from America-as-immigrants propaganda is social.  The present-day 18.7% immigrant demographic is drastically different from former days.  A significant proportion no longer enters the U.S. to purposely assimilate and embrace our unique culture and values.  Increasingly, they are creating their own enclaves and their children are being taught (in our public schools) that assimilation is potentially harmful, squelching our diversity.

Radical leftists and anarchists are weaponizing that shift.  They began recognizing their opportunity to fester during President Trump’s year of campaigning.  His calls to clamp down on our out-of-control immigration system was the power that electrified their movement.   It matters little that their slogans and fascist street tactics run completely counter to reality.  Since January 20th, other causes have seized the opportunity to piggy-back and clog our streets.  The openly aggressive rhetoric of such “patriots” as Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings and their calls to “fight” and “resist” have given more impetus for social disorder.

The impossible idea that any geopolitical entity can survive as some kind of quasi-national come-one-come-all flop house is ludicrous on its face.  has never been such an animal because rational people know that anarchy is suicidal.  Let’s pray that this administration is able to bring us back to sanity.